2017 All Star Information


We are working on updating this page. Below you will find information that has been published to date.

2017 All Star Teams

Congratulations to the managers and players who have been selected to represent Rio Linda Little League at this year's All Star Tournaments. It is a rare honor and privilege to be selected as one of the few to participate on an All Star team. 

All Star managers, coaches, players and parents will be representing not only Rio Linda Little League but also our community and are therefore expected to do so with the highest level of sportsmanship, integrity and class at all times. 

Note: All Star Teams will be published as soon as they are formed. The remaining teams will be published over the next two weeks.


Baseball 8-9 Year Old Team

Team Manager: Steve O'Rourke

Last Name, First Name League Age Team Name
Culp, Mathias 9 AAA-03 Pirates
Ene, Isaiah 9 AAA-05 Cardinals
Felkins, Austen 9 AAA-03 Pirates
Felkins, Hunter 8 AAA-03 Pirates
Harmon, Khyree 9 AAA-01 A's
Hintz, Andy 9 AAA-01 A's
Howerton, Kaidon 9 AAA-02 Dodgers
Lloyd, Demitrius 9 AAA-02 Dodgers
Miller, Michael 8 AAA-03 Pirates
Oppici, Gunner 9 AAA-05 Cardinals
O'Rourke, Matty 9 AAA-05 Cardinals
Whitten, Austin 9 AAA-02 Dodgers
Xiong, Benjamin 9 AAA-05 Cardinals


Baseball 10 Year Old Team

Team Manager:

Billy Akins

Last Name, First Name

League Age

Team Name

Adams II, David


M-01 Angels

Akins, Jacob


AAA-05 Cardinals

Compton, Ekiah


AAA-03 Pirates

Davidson, Donny


AAA-02 Dodgers

Fansler, Johnathan


AAA-04 Giants

Harris IV, Jessie


AAA-01 A's

Hjorth, Aiden


AAA-05 Cardinals

Huerta, Jason


AAA-04 Giants

Kuhn, Joey


AAA-03 Pirates

Lockling, Cayden


AAA-04 Giants

Ratajczak, Hunter


AAA-04 Giants

Sainz, Eloy


AAA-04 Giants


Baseball 11 Year Old Team

Team Manager: Josh Beebe

Last Name, First Name League Age Team Name
Brazil, Brayden 11 M-01 Angels
Harrison, David 11 M-01 Angels
Hicks, Noah 11 M-05 Yankees
Hurley, Nathaniel 11 M-03 Giants
Hurley, Samual 11 M-03 Giants
Lewis, Matthew 11 M-01 Angels
Mckenzie, David 11 M-02 Nationals
Noriega, Tank 11 M-05 Yankees
Phipps, Linkin 11 M-01 Angels
Price, Braiden 11 M-02 Nationals
Showen, Wyatt 11 M-03 Giants
Swafford, Gabriel 11 M-04 Astros
Treadwell, Jayden 11 M-04 Astros



Baseball 12 Year Old Team


Team Manager: Flip Harris

Last Name, First Name League Age Team Name
Abernathy, Jordan 12 M-03 Giants
Amaral, Nolan 12 M-05 Yankees
Barger, Jeremy 12 M-02 Nationals
Callahan, Nicholas 12 M-02 Nationals
Davis, Alexander 12 M-03 Giants
DeSouza, Michael 12 M-02 Nationals
Johnson, Isaac 12 M-04 Astros
Laster, Aaron 12 M-03 Giants
Mccray, Joseph "Jojo" 12 M-01 Angels
Padilla, Jonathan 12 M-04 Astros
Risse, Rhett 12 M-01 Angels
Woll, Adam 12 M-01 Angels



Softball 12U Team


Team Manager: Ryan Sowles

Last Name, First Name League Age Team Name
Beebe, Adelie 11 12U-01 Gator's
Compton, Jaidan 12 12U-01 Gator's
Craver, Amia 11 12U-01 Gator's
Davis, Brooklyn 12 12U-01 Gator's
Halverson, Payton 12 12U-02 Cowboy's
Heartsill, Rossi 12 12U-02 Cowboy's
Lewis, Carolina 11 12U-02 Cowboy's
Morgan, Kaylee 12 12U-01 Gator's
Newell, Alyssa 12 12U-01 Gator's
Perry, Madyson 11 12U-02 Cowboy's
Riley-sowles, Caylee 11 12U-02 Cowboy's
Scott, Adriana 12 12U-02 Cowboy's
Villalobos, Alyssa 12 12U-02 Cowboy's

First Alternate

Martinez, Mia 12 12U-02 Cowboy's

Baseball Juniors Team


Team Manager: Nathan Meyer

Last Name, First Name League Age Team Name
Beltran, Isaiah 13 JB-01 Brewers
Brown Jr, Joshua 13 JB-01 Brewers
Espitia, Javier 13 JB-01 Brewers
Geer, Mason 13 JB-01 Brewers
Gladden Ward, Dylan 13 JB-01 Brewers
Gooding, Joshua 13 JB-01 Brewers
Laban, Donovan 14 JB-01 Brewers
Lacitinola, Angelo 14 JB-01 Brewers
Meyer, Thomas 13 JB-01 Brewers
Payne, Douglas 13 JB-01 Brewers
Phipps, Mason 13 JB-01 Brewers
Reed, William 13 JB-01 Brewers


Letter Sent May 26, 2017 to AAA, 12U, Major, Juniors and 50/70 Team Rosters


Good Morning Managers, Coaches and Parents,


With the Spring Baseball and Softball Season coming to an end, All Star Season is upon us. While the Board of Directors is working hard to finalize the remaining details, we would like to take this opportunity to get the team staff and players ready for what is coming.  


Because All Stars is a big commitment, each player and their parent/guardian as well as any interested team Manager or Coach needs to fill out and turn in an All Star Commitment Form. We will have paper copies available next week, but for now, if you would like to get a head start, you can click this link to download a copy to fill out. Your players current team manager can collect these and turn them into the designated board member or drop the completed forms off Monday – Saturday, 9am to 6pm at MAD INK at 727 M Street, Rio Linda, CA 95673 (Next to Tummy's). We will also be working on getting blank copies of the Commitment Form available at MAD INK in case you need to pick up a form. 


All Star Commitment Form


While it will still be a while before the final all star teams are announced, each all star player will need to provided documentation in order to be on the team. You will only be given a few days to provide the necessary documentation to the board.

The form the league has to fill out is the Tournament Player Verification Form. If you would like to see the form you can click on the link below.


Player Verification Form


There are two primary sections to the Form. Proof of Age and Proof of Residency.


Proof of Age

The final piece of documentation that may take time to receive is the Age Proof. If you are using an official birth certificate you may need time to find it or get a new one. Please start working on this asap.


Proof of Residency

The Residence Eligibility form will provide you with the needed details.

Residence Eligibility

Your proof of Residency my prove that you live within the Rio Linda Little League Boundaries or that your child attends a Rio Linda Little League school. You can provide either proof of parent or legal guardian address or school enrollment proof.


If you are providing parent or guardian address proof, please note that you must provide three forms of proof, dated between February 1, 2016 and February 1, 2017, and it has to be one item from each of the three groups on the Residence Eligibility document (link above).


If you are choosing to use the School Enrollment Proof as your proof of Residency, you will want to get that taken care of prior to the school closing for the end of the year, which is why I am sending this now. Some schools get out as early as next week.


2017 School Enrollment Form

Please keep an eye out on Facebook and our website for additional information as it becomes available.


Thank you,


Rio Linda Little League

Information Officer and Baseball Player Agent


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