Mandatory Volunteer Service Requirements


Rio Linda Little League, as required by Little League International, is an all-volunteer, not for profit organization. As such, we rely on volunteers to ensure that program runs smoothly and that costs can remain low for families wishing to participate. To ensure that everyone contributes to the volunteer hours necessary to run the league the following volunteer program is being implemented starting this year with the 2018 Spring Season. Each family will be responsible for fulfilling 4 hours of volunteer service per registered player or to pay a $100 per player Volunteer Buyout fee. Beginning with the 2018 All Star Season and continuing to all future seasons, a $100 Volunteer Deposit will be collected at a designated time prior to the start of the season. This deposit will be refunded at the completion of the season and on verification that all volunteer hours have been 100% complete.

For the first season only, Spring 2018, the volunteer deposit will be waived. However, to not be required to pay the deposit for the next season, you must complete all volunteer hours for your family this season. At the end of each season, all families that have completed their volunteer hours will be issued a voucher to waive the volunteer deposit for the following season.  Please note, there will be no partial credit given for incomplete hours.

Additional Information:

  1. There is no family max for volunteer hours or buyout fees.

  2. In order to receive credit for your snack bar duty, you must be there for the entire shift. If you come late or leave early, you will receive no credit for that shift. Please ensure you have another volunteer to represent your player there to cover any time you cannot be there in order to receive full credit for your shift.

  3. The designated volunteer for your player can be anyone 16 or older who has a completed background check and can follow direction, stay focused and be helpful. Any excessive distractions such as cell phone use or visitors will be grounds for dismissal from the shift and you will not receive credit for that shift.

  4. Plan ahead and have anyone you may need to help you with volunteer hours do their volunteer application early. It can take up to two weeks to have background checks complete.

  5. Only 2 minors will be allowed to work the snack bar on any given shift, so be sure to inform your manager if you will be having a minor work your snack bar shift.

  6. In addition to a 4 hour snack bar shift, each team manager will be given the option to have no more than 2 Field Prep Volunteers. These field prep volunteers will be chosen by the team manager and must be reported to the Volunteer Coordinated prior to Opening Day and be officially rostered on the team. Field Prep Volunteers must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of every home game to set up the field. Failure to show up on time for all of the teams home games will result in the volunteer hours not being met.

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