Rio Linda Little League's Annual Nominations

Has concluded for this year.

Check back later this week for a list of nominees for this years Board of Directors.



This year we are doing things a little different. In order to improve the league we have created additional volunteer opportunities. This year at the Annual Regular Members Meeting, Regular Members will be voting in 17 Board Members. In addition, there will be up to 45 Appointed Officer positions and at least two committees filled based on the above Annual Nominations form.

Regular Members are those on the Approved 2017 Volunteer List. Only Regular Members are allowed to vote at the Annual Regular Members Meeting and only Regular Members will be allowed on the ballot. Please check the Approved 2017 Volunteer List. If you believe you should be on it, or would like to be on it, please reply to this email so we can help you resolve this issue.  

We are currently anticipating holding the Annual Regular Member Meeting on September 6, 2017. Details will be announced once we confirm a location and time. This date is subject to change.


Appointed Officers will have a smaller time commitment then a Board Member but will make a huge impact in how the league is able to meet the needs of the members.

Committee Members will participate in the coordination of specific events, like the Opening Day Ceremony and Parade or the end of the season party.

In order to be on the ballot for a board member position or to be considered for an Appointed Officer position you must complete the Self-Nomination entry form by August 26th at Midnight.

If you are a regular member, we need you to come out and vote. Please let us know if you will have conflicts with the Annual Meeting please email

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