2018 Spring Baseball & Softball Registration

Two Options for Spring Registration: Online Registration & Walk-In Registration

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Preparing for Spring Registration
Most of our children are back in school now. This is the perfect time to prepare for spring registration.
1. If you need to use your players school as your proof of residency, please go to your school before October 1, and ask for a Student Data Printout and make sure they stamp the school address and sign it. This is very important. They must have the schools address on it.
2. If you are using bills, this is the time of year you need to set them aside so you don't have to dig them up next year. You can find residency requirements on our webpage. Please remember you need one item from each group. http://riolindall.com/content/9679/Residency-Requirements
3. Birth Certificates - These must be official birth certificates issued from the county of birth. Certificates from hospitals are not acceptable. Getting official birth certificates can take time, so please don't wait until the last minute.
4. Everyone without a Tournament Player Verification (TPV) form on file must submit birth certificates and proof of residency at sign ups. If your child was not on an All Star Team for the 2017 Spring season, there is a good chance we do not have a TPV on file for your child. You can check your child's profile page on our website to see if we have it or not.
5. You can get TPV in advance of All Stars. When you sign up during Spring Sign ups, ask to have your TPV done. Be prepared to turn in all your paper work, birth certificate included. We will return your birth certificate but not the proof of residency. So make copies if you want to keep that. We have to turn it all in to the district in order to get it signed off. The good news, once you are TPV, you don't need to worry about proof of residency at sign ups.
6. Always have an official birth certificate handy. For All Stars, we have to reverify birth certificates and then during All Star tournaments you have to have the birth certificates with you in case it is asked.
7. Last but not least, when sign ups are announced, sign up. Even if you can't pay, come talk to us. It causes a lot of problems if you try to sign up late. We would rather have all the players signed up that want to play as soon as possible. Late sign ups cause missed practices, extra expenses for ordering uniforms on rush and it messes up practice and game scheduling.


(We highly recommend you use Online Registration)

All registered players are required to submit a Birth Certificate and Proof of Residency.

  • Online Registration will provide you an option to upload the required documents. Please note, if any document is not clear or if there is any question to the authenticity of the documents, you will be contacted to bring the original documents into a walk-in registration session before your registration is considered complete.

 What to Bring to Walk-In Registration:


Are you unsure what "League Age" your player is? Click her to use the age calculator.


What division should I sign my player up for? Click Here


Payment Plans: Payment plans are available online and must be completed before opening day. So the earlier you sign up the smaller your payments. Early Bird Registration must be paid in full at the time of registration.  Contact the Treasurer for cash payment plan arrangements at Treasurer@riolindall.com. 

Refund Policy:

1. No refunds will be given after January 29th, unless there is a medical reason for which a child cannot play. In which case, a doctors note must be provided.


For additional information please contact RLLL using the "Contact Us" feature or email us directly at webadmin@riolindall.com.

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