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Registration for Fall Ball is Closed.

Notice of General Meeting

Date: August 27th
Time: 2:00pm
Location:  Babe Best Park, 10th Street, Rio Linda, Ca

Approved Volunteers are encouraged to attend and participate in the general meeting.

General Meeting Agenda Includes:
-State of The League
-Financial Report
-General membership feedback
-B.O.D. Elections*

*Only Regular Members in good financial standing with the league are allowed to vote and/or self-nominate. A Regular Member is any person who has a valid 2016 Volunteer Application on file with the league.  GENERAL MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSED as of  June 2016. If you did not turn in a completed volunteer application during the 2016 Spring season you are not eligible to vote or self nominate.
 If you did not include your SSN on your 2016 Volunteer Application, your application is NOT valid.


1. To be considered for the Board of Directors , you must self-nominate. Nomination must be received by August 26th to be placed on the ballot. No nominations will be accepted after August 26th and you may not self nominate at the General Meeting.  Only Regular Members who are in good financial standing with the league are eligible to  self nominate and vote in the Board Election.

2. Final number of Board positions will be determined by any actions at the General Meeting to add or delete positions.

3. Little League rules requires that  managers and coaches shall constitute a minority of the Board of Directors. Any current Board Member who gains re-election at the General Meeting will have priority to return as a manager/coach.  Once a minority has been reached, no additional Board Members will be allowed to manage or coach in the upcoming season.

4. Time commitment for the Board of Directors is considerable. The Board meets once per month leading up to the Spring Season, and often twice per month as the season draws closer. Board Members are required to participate and assist with league functions including registrations, assessments, drafts, parade,  tournaments, etc. RLLL Board Members are volunteer positions and it is imperative that nominees fully commit to the League's activities for the year before self-nominating.

We hope to see you all there!
2015-2016 Board of Directors

2016 Fireworks Sale

Rio Linda Little League Annual Fireworks Sale

On June 28th the Rio Linda Little League fireworks stand storage container was broken into and $12,000 of inventory was stolen.


Please come out and help us raise money to replace the stolen inventory and to fund our All Star Teams.

Pat & Tom from KNCI is coming to air at our booth Saturday morning at 9 to 11 AM to help sell fireworks and have a drawing for tickets for Kenny Chesney next month along with other stuff to give away.


A GoFundMe Account is setup to raise money for those who would like to donate.


Click Here to go to GoFundMe

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